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    • MCAT is the standard in Canada for medicine, however, there are no medical schools that accept students after grade 12. There are a few in the US (BS/MD programs) and many more in the UK/Australia (MBBS programs). Canadian medical schools need a 3-4 year university degree before applying for medical school.  This might help: https://www.afmc.ca/web/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
    • I'm from india but I've been studying the Igcse/AS/A2 level syllabus, due to which studying for neet has been a hassle for me. I want to enquire if any medical school would accept me if I did MCAT instead of neet? Could you suggest some if you can?
    • Hi! I think this is possible to achieve, definitely not easy though. It becomes stressful and exhausting to manage and balance good grades, a social life, and getting enough sleep as it is, and many students have extra curricular activities or part time jobs on the side which makes things even harder. I believe that with proper time management everything can be achieved, like I said though, it definitely is not easy to get in the habit of proper time management but it is a very useful skill to have. 
    • Hi Tony! I think we can acieve all three if we can manage our time well. However, if we need to work while studying, I think it is hard to have enough sleep.  Thanks, Julie
    • Hi!  Thank you for sharing your education experience with us! I am studying in a Graduate Certificate program in Human Resources Management. We have seven courses every semester. We are learning Canadian Employment Law, Occupational Health & Safety, Compensation & Reward Strategy, etc. Time management is really important because we have many individual and group assignments.  Thanks, Julie
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