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About this blog

🍓| 25 | UWaterloo Science Graduate 2018

Here to share my personal experiences during my five years in Waterloo, from all the ups and down of studying for exams, future career talks, and dealing with mental health. 

Entries in this blog

Moving to Waterloo

It was the summer of 2013, I had just graduated high school and was ready to start my new life as a university student. I was so excited to be living away from home for the first time and experiencing what it would be like to make all of my own choices without requiring permission from my parents such as going out late, eating whatever I wanted, hanging out with my friends, and other typical activities teenagers liked to do. I think a lot of students can relate to the sentiment of living as thei


vchan in Residency

Co-op Programs

One of the main reasons I chose to attend Waterloo was because of the co-op program that was offered to its students, granted it was offered in your program and you were able to keep up a specific GPA. The prospect of working 4-8 months in between my study terms sounded very exciting, as there were a lot of benefits that could be considered:  1) Expanding your network by increasing the number of professionals you meet within your industry  2) Having relevant experiences to add onto you


vchan in Co-op

Mental Health Journey

It's important to recognize how much our mental health impacts our overall well-being and quality of life. May 3rd-9th is the CMHA Mental Health Week campaign, where CMHA is encouraging individuals to express and understand their emotions, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel. During this pandemic, many of us have experienced low feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation, making mental health more important than ever. Throughout my time in university, I struggled a lot with my own ment
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