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Choosing to apply to medical school




Today is a bit of a different blog, I am going to discuss why I am applying to medical school.

As you know from my last blog entries, you know that I have always thought about the idea of medical school and entertained the thought that if I wanted to try after graduation, I could. To go to medical school you need and undergraduate degree, that’s how I ended up in engineering and although I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every part of the schooling, loved the work terms I completed, and enjoy my job, I just can’t shake the idea of being in the medical field. I feel that the medical field is where I can make the biggest impact on the most people during my lifetime, give back to my community and pursue my greatest interests, so, I am applying to medical school.

Shortly after graduation, like a few weeks after graduation, I started studying a completely different type of science and wrote the MCAT exam. It didn’t go as planned and I did way worse than I thought I would ever do. Furthermore, I had a trip to Europe planned and really didn’t manage my time well, in the end my application to the one school I applied to was rushed, sloppy and I was embarrassed I even submitted it. I didn’t get an interview, no surprise, and I was bummed about it for a couple weeks, but in reality I didn’t deserve that interview.

I picked myself up and got a full time engineering job. Life goes on and I had a fabulous degree that I enjoyed. I obtained a great job with awesome people and I didn’t want my skills as an engineer to fade away from me. I had to remember the medschool was never guaranteed for me and that is why I choose engineering as my undergrad, none the less engineering was feeling like second place in my heart and the longer I worked full time the stronger that medschool intuition got. I had to try again.

Unfortunately, COVID struck, my plans to upgrade my MCAT score semi fell through and I was feeling defeated again. As I was sitting at my counter one day, tons of time on my hands from the lack of socializing and gym going, I realized this was a great time to get some new online volunteering experiences. This lock down provided me time to offer my services to this community, upgrade my application and try something new! Then I realized that besides getting some new and valuable volunteer work, I also had the time to really put together the best application of my life and I was going for it. This is where this story ends as I am still in the application process but I still have a few more points to mention.

1.       I decided to apply to more than one school this round. Although still limited by my very average MCAT score I realized that I can apply to schools that don’t consider this score and schools that don’t heavily weight this score in their selection process.

2.       Life isn’t always going to hand me what I want. Not getting in the first time is common and I could clearly see my mistakes. Not getting in the second time is very probable, but I am determined to put together a strong application and show what I have to offer. In the end its better to give it a shot then sit back and wonder what would happen if…..

3.       I still work hard and do the best I can at my full time job. I enjoy the work and want to make a great name for myself. I continuously take extra courses and plan for a future in the organization I work because I still want to excel and plan for where I am in my life.

4.       Find your weaknesses and work on them. I found mine, written communication and hitting on key themes of written responses, and then I worked on it! I read articles online for tips and advice, I seen a ‘tutor’ to help edit my work and provide suggestions. You can only go up from there!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog and maybe in the future ill be writing about being a doctor! For now though I will bring it back to Engineering and my next blog will be about:

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