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High school career thoughts




Back in high school, I felt that I really excelled in the math and physical science subjects. I wanted to be a Theoretical physicist. Thinking about physics allowed me to delve into the secrets of the universe. I felt that I was almost in this "dream state" contemplating the inner workings of the natural world. I remember other students praising me on my math and physics abilities. I thought this would be the path for the rest of my life. However, in the coming years after high school, I realized that the process of finding my ideal career path would include many twists and turns before settling on a seemingly "right path". Now, almost 9 years after high school, I'm building towards a career in Renewable energy engineering.


1. Don't take high school for granted. Get involved in the school not just academically, but especially in the social scene

2. Choose to pursue a subject that you are best at. Listen to what others praise you on.

3. Whatever your goals are, go ALL in. This will give you the basic experiences to achieve more in your adult life.

4. Develop yourself in all areas (health, relationships, academic, part-time job, higher purpose, ...). This will make you more well-rounded to tackle life after high school.

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