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  1. MCAT is the standard in Canada for medicine, however, there are no medical schools that accept students after grade 12. There are a few in the US (BS/MD programs) and many more in the UK/Australia (MBBS programs). Canadian medical schools need a 3-4 year university degree before applying for medical school. This might help: https://www.afmc.ca/web/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  2. What is your profession/industry? Guidance Counsellor/Education What do you do in your position? Counsel Students and Parents with respect to preparation for post-secondary, and connecting families with community supports. What education, skills, and experience do you need? Bachelors and Masters Degrees, EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH YOUTH, DEMONSTRATED COMMITMENT TO THE PROFESSION. What inspires you about your work? I sincerely enjoy working with our students, helping them unlock their unique talents and skills, thereby preparing them to participate in the future of our country. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? Dedicated; sincere; detail oriented; love for people; passion to see young people success in their desired ambition.
  3. Hi everyone, Recently, Dr. Simone reached out to us to offer a description of her career as an Educational Psychologist. Hope you all find this informative! "Personally, I was always curious about learning and learners so it made sense to me that I would become an educational psychologist. Educational psychologists are interested in how people (children and adults) learn, the difficulties they might have learning, how the learning environment might hinder or foster learning and what can be done to modify the learning environment so that people can be successful in their learning. Because I also wanted to work in a university environment where I could teach and do research I pursued my doctorate or Ph.D. in Educational Psychology which I received from Michigan State University. As a doctoral student in Educational Psychology, I took courses in statistics, research design, human development, cognition, and instruction. My minor was developmental psychopathology where I studied areas pertaining to mental illness. With respect to my degrees, after 11 years of elementary and high school, I obtained a B.A. in Social Psychology at McGill University which was a three-year program. Then I pursued a two year M.A. with thesis in Educational Psychology (McGill University), and subsequently another four years for my doctoral degree or Ph.D. (Michigan State University). Although I decided to become a professor educational psychologists can also work as consultants outside the domain of academia."
  4. What is your profession/industry? Teacher What do you do in your position? Teaching secondary school students about history, social sciences What education, skills, and experience do you need? 4 year honors degree, 2 years of teachers college (1 year when I did it) What inspires you about your work? I love that my job is different everyday and that I get to build meaningful relationships with students, which helps them achieve their goals. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? Someone who is hard working, patient, caring.
  5. What is your profession/industry? Plastic surgeon What do you do in your position? Acute burn surgery and burn reconstruction; complex wound management - eg pressure sores What education, skills, and experience do you need? Medical school, residency, fellowship, 2 masters degrees, college of surgery examinations What inspires you about your work? Seeing trainees advancing their skills, Helping patients, working in a team, problem solving, applying plastic surgery principles, technical challenges, research and quality improvement work What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? Resilience, perseverance, attention to detail, ethics, patience, people skills, positivity, team player, mentoring
  6. What is your profession/industry? Student Advisor/Education What do you do in your position? I give students information and advice about their personal issues, educational goals, career planning or personal development. What education, skills, and experience do you need? You should be graduated from educational or related programs. You should be knowledgeable and aware about educational system, student issues and career planning. What inspires you about your work? Youth people are always positive and hopeful about future, They have bright ideas and they wanna change the world and impact people. When I listen them I became one of them, I share their feelings and excitements. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? Person that likes to listen and help others. Person should be resourceful and empathetic.
  7. For students: As of November 2020, Coursera is offering a free course to students that have a validated student account! If you have a school-based email account, definitely take advantage of this! It's one free course per year - These certifications are great learning opportunities from leaders in education, and can be a great starting point or addition to your career journey.
  8. What is your profession/industry? A physical education teacher/Boarding House Parent What do you do in your position? Teach high school kids about the subject of physical education/care for 38 kids from different backgrounds at grades 9 - 12 for 10-months a year. What education, skills, and experience do you need? Charisma, fitness, communication. Teaching experience. Experience with students and enjoy working with them, bachelor of kinesiology, education or health sciences. What inspires you about your work? students, being able to positively impact both from teaching health and wellbeing and from boarding in terms of guiding students through ups and downs of high school. Providing a fun yet challenging, safe and family oriented place for the boarding students. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? someone who is energetic, reliable, dedicated, patient, adaptable to all kinds of different situations.
  9. Here we will be posting the submissions from members in the community! You can access the questions through our Google Form: https://forms.gle/GAs4dMXmk8XjV9gU7
  10. Hi everyone, If you know someone who has an interesting career and would be interested in sharing what they do, send them this google form: https://forms.gle/vz54vn56iwzx1cgFA. We hope it makes it more accessible for visitors on the site to share their career experiences! We will post any entries that we get regularly.
  11. Here are some resources to get you started! Myblueprint - Excellent resource that can be a great starting point for understanding who you are, and how that might translate into a career! Many school boards around Canada have partnered with Myblueprint, so check with your teachers to see if you have an account if you weren't aware already! RBC Future Launch - This RBC initiative can be a good starting point for insight into the future of the workforce ("Future-proof: Preparing Young Canadians for the future of work", "Introducing RBC Future Launch: RBC’s largest-ever commitment to help young Canadians prepare for the future of work"). Ontario Skills Passport Specialist High School Major (Ontario) If you're curious at all and like to read, here is Ontario’s Career’s curriculum for students (updated 2019). There is a lot of great information regarding our educational system’s goals of getting students into the workforce. We will be trying to have a simplified version of this on the site soon!
  12. Hi Everyone! Welcome to StudentCareerHub! Simply put, this is a forum. We wanted a place where Canadian students could talk about future careers, pull together resources and help each other achieve their career goals. It doesn’t matter which career you want to go into. What matters is that if you’re a student, you start as early as possible to begin exploring interests that could one day become your careers. It’s competitive out there, and it’s only going to get more competitive in the future. The earlier you start, the more time you have to pick your path, and commit your time to it. With the help of funding from TakingITGlobal and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Canada), we were able to set up this forum to give students a chance to connect with any and all Canadian students. Come together and help each other shape your future!
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