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  1. This is great advice about how to start thinking about post-secondary education! I'd also like to add that it might be helpful to think of a general direction you'd like to go in rather than stressing about picking a career. As pointed out above, if you don't like English and writing then maybe you'd be interested in general science programs, engineering, or business. Each of these areas themselves are extremely diverse, plus nearly all programs have enough room for electives in order to explore other interests! Your program is only the first step in your future career, and there are many o
  2. Hi everyone! The transition from high school to university is different for everybody but I wanted to share some of the things I learned that you may find helpful during your own transition. Feel free to comment below if you have any further questions/concerns! Choose your courses wisely! Do your research on your program requirements and make sure you are taking any prerequisites you need for upper-level courses. There are lots of courses offered at any university, so I recommend searching for the course directory if you want to explore your options! Try not to contain yourself to
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a student currently enrolled in McMaster's Arts & Science Program. Feel free to leave any questions about the program or about interdisciplinary learning below!
  4. Yep pretty much! To build off the points mentioned above: - Most first-year classes are gigantic and you are encouraged to visit your professor's office hours to connect with them better and/or to clarify course material! Try to make friends with the people you sit with and just remember that class size is likely to get smaller throughout the years! - Yes, please try to familiarize yourself with the campus before classes. It's already difficult enough as it is to orient yourself around campus but it becomes even more difficult when classes start and there are people everywhere. Also,
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