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  1. Thought it might make it easier to compile a list of different volunteering sites in Ontario and across Canada and save them all in one place. You might find these helpful if you are currently looking to volunteer within your community or even remotely: SPARK Ontario – You can filter volunteering opportunities by location and/or suitability (i.e. looking for opportunities for anyone, adults, youth, etc.) https://www.sparkontario.ca/ Gigit – You can choose whether you are looking for a volunteer gig, paid gig, events, services or rentals and where. https://gigitmarketplace.com/
  2. These are all great tips! I'd actually like add to the point about seeking help and setting your priorities in the beginning: University/college can be overwhelming especially on your first year where you're kind of trying to figure out your place within this institution and in this new phase of your life. Essays, assignments, projects, etc., can also get a bit too much especially when it is not just one course you are taking but multiple at the same time. That said, there will be people there to help you. Even talking to your TA and your professor if you're struggling! And in my case, m
  3. This is a great list! I definitely agree with everything that's been said and second a lot of these points. Especially the one about procrastination. Depending on your program of study and how many credits you decide to take on that first year, you might or might not end up with quite a bit of "free time" throughout the week. And for every class, you'll get the syllabus on the first day so you can see what the assignments will be and when they will be due. So it is easy to think that because something is due in a month or two, there is still plenty of time to get it done and obviously there is
  4. Another great website for volunteering opportunities in the area (or even across Canada) is https://charityvillage.com/! They do have quite a few remote opportunities as well if that's something you might want to do while the virus is going on and sites are closed.
  5. In my experience, I did not have to get a degree in Business in order to go into the Human Resources field. As mentioned in my previous education post, I actually went into Psychology and then after I decided to enrol in a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management. Even if you have not gone to university, there are certificates that are not necessarily for post-graduate students but instead just for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Human Resources field and wants to go into it. I do want to mention that because it is fully online, there is not a work experience
  6. As I previously mentioned in my education post in regard to Psychology, you can go a different way if you are not interested in becoming a therapist or a researcher. What I mean by that is that Psychology can be applied to a variety of different fields. Actually, when I was a full-time student, I was also enrolled in my university’s co-op program which allowed me to further develop my skills and gain new ones related to my major while being a student. One of the jobs I had was a specialty camp counsellor and administrator for a not-for-profit organization in my area. As a specialty camp counse
  7. Based on my own educational journey, you do need some post-secondary education when it comes to Psychology. Of course, it also depends on what you are looking to do in the future. If you’re leaning more towards conducting research or becoming a therapist, you’ll definitely need to get a master’s or a PhD and get all the credentials in accordance to the province where you are. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in following a career path outside of ‘psychology’ per se then a post-secondary certificate or a master’s might be enough. Again, it would all depend on your career and what yo
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