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  1. What is your profession/industry? Quality assurance for credit card applications in financial industry What do you do? Work with product and development team to ensure project meets the business requirements. Assist team in the creation of their specific project deliverables (e.g. assists testing team in the creation of the Testing Strategy and Testing Execution Plan). What skills do you need? Possesses a university degree (e.g. computer engineering) and/or with relevant work experience. Industry-specific knowledge and experience is an asset like Banking products experience, Banking, Payments Industry. C, Java, SQL, Oracle, Python (growing in popularity) Professional skills Strong business acumen, with solid product knowledge. Strong knowledge of various project life cycle methodologies. What inspires you about your work? Mentoring and coaching others on domain areas, new ideas of improvement in testing process. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? Strong technical skills, understanding of the industry, and teamwork capabilities. Having a knack for problem-solving also goes a long way!
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