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  1. 1) What is your profession/industry? I’m in HR. 2) What do you do? I work for a high voltage electrical utilities contractor, where I focus on HR-related aspect of immigration law, legislation compliance, policy development and implementation, compensation and benefits analysis, records management. 3) What skills/experience do you need? I didn’t have any skills or experience in HR before joining this team. Most of the skills and experience I’ve gained is through direct training and learning through day-to-day work. I was given some guidance from my s
  2. 1) What is your profession/industry? Environmental Compliance for Construction companies and/or environmental permitting and authorizations. 2) What do you do? I ensure construction companies are abiding with federal and provincial environment regulations so that the government will give them a permit to build whatever they want to build. Day to day that means liaising with federal, provincial, and municipal government employees, and first nations through email and phone, and writing ‘environmental impact reports’ which are a long summary of any potential impact tha
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