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  1. What is your profession/industry? Industry: Marketing What do you do? Right now, I’m currently doing contract work in marketing and a little bit of event planning. What skills/experience do you need? Experience Depending on the position I’m doing, you might need no experience or you might need like a year experience. Sometimes they are just looking for people to do promotional work. Technical skills (e.g. education, programming languages, etc.) In terms of education, you would need a high school diploma and/or a university degree in marketing, public relations or even fashion. Business courses are also helpful. No programming is required. English is a must but depending on the job, could asked to be bilingual. Professional skills Creative thinker Problem solver Teamwork (since a lot of that is involved) Flexible Eagerness to work Communication skills Networking You also need personable skills because it is a very people-oriented field. So be open, friendly, a good listener, and understanding. What inspires you about your work? (e.g. do you appreciate the challenges, problem-solving, management, your impact on a corporation/team) What inspires me is I love being able to help plan events and execute them even if I’m just working say backstage or behind the scenes. I also love everyone I work with. We all put in the effort but also have fun while doing it. For marketing, I love helping think of ways to bring exposure to brands/companies and helping them grow. I love the creativity it involves as well. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? I think the kind of person it takes to do this kind of job is someone who likes to learn and challenge themselves, is fun, creative, loves people. I think if you have a passion for creating and planning things, it is a great field to get into. And if you have a particular speciality you want to focus on then you will be able to specialize in school and get the skills needed to help you find a job that will suit your personality.
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