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  1. Yes you can certainly get a job in banking with a B.Comm. It doesn't matter where you earned your Bachelor of Commerce.
  2. That's a great question. The following are the volunteer sites I'm aware of. First and foremost, your safety is paramount. www.volunteertoronto.cap www.sparkontario.ca
  3. Hello everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe and sound during these difficult times. Know that you are not alone. To all high school students out there, isn't this the best time to give your career some serious thought? After all, you have plenty of time on your hands and you have this site that you were lucky enough to find out about 🙂 To all students out there who are not sure what you want to do with the rest of your lives, this is a great time to start by asking questions! We are here and we want to help. Ask us anything! And if we don't know all the answers, we will f
  4. With a Bachelor of Commerce, you will have the choice of what to major and minor in. I received a Specialist in Finance and Commerce , a Major in Economics, and a Minor in Philosophy. At the time, I felt that this was a good synergistic combination that also included some of my passions (i.e., Philosophy). I didn't necessarily know what I would do with this degree. During my university career, I realized just how much I love working with numbers, and more importantly, analyzing data to enable us to actually make decisions. I loved being presented with a scenario and being asked to make re
  5. What is your profession/industry? For five years, I have been dedicating my time to searching for good real estate investment opportunities all over the province and then buying and leasing out said properties, as well as managing the properties and the tenants. In the course of this endeavour, I also learned about many other investment opportunities that are more passive in nature. Slowly, I am gravitating more towards such opportunities and I have also had success with this. Additionally, part of what I do is to share my knowledge with others and hopefully inspire them to t
  6. What is your profession/industry? Until five years ago, I was a senior financial analyst. What do you do? A financial analyst naturally has very high analytical skills and is able to see both the big picture as well as the minute details. A financial analyst compares two or more options or courses of action available and makes the best decision from a financial standpoint, and when necessary, also from a qualitative standpoint (e.g., business reputation, potential legal or environmental issues, etc). The ability to study, in depth, what each of the investment options
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