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  1. My career path to a mental health professional starts with my major in psychology. I first wanted to go for a clinical psychologist pathway, but during my gap year after undergraduate, I realized that my original inspiration was to become a mental health provider. I thought I had to first become a psychologist to provide therapy, but it did not have to be like that. Psychologists definitely can be a therapist while their training and education focus more on the research and clinical aspects. MFT or counseling psychology, on the other hand, focus more on how do we serve the best for our clients, which turns out to be the aspect I am thriving for. After I entered the MFT program, my eyes opened up again that I saw more possibilities with MFT licensure and educational background. The first thing is there are so many creative orientations for providing therapy. Some people combine art with therapy, some people combine music, and some people do yoga and therapy. Secondly, starting with counseling or therapy does not mean I have to always be in the same position. For example, I have professors who are doing both private practice and teaching. Some people get into the administration area. You can also choose to go towards legislation. And finally, mental health is worldwide. In another word, you can choose to provide the mental health services overseas, and/or with your multi-language ability. So, what I would suggest for careers in this field is to never limit your creativity and imagination. Stay open, but never forget what is your original inspiration.
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