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  1. What is your profession/industry? Profession: Administrator What do you do? I work as an assistant office manager, recall coordinator and administrator. What skills/experience do you need? Experience Experience in administration, business, and media/communications. Technical skills (e.g. education, programming languages, etc.) Proficient in English and also able to write proficiently. Computer skills. Professional skills Able to work in a team setting and also independently. Client and patient focused. Adaptability and eagerness to learn. What inspires you about your work? (e.g. do you appreciate the challenges, problem-solving, management, your impact on a corporation/team) What inspires me about my work is the patients and clients I meet on a daily basis. Getting to help people learn about dental hygiene and promoting personal hygiene and overall oral health. Dealing with insurance companies can be a struggle but it inspires me to work and aid people get the coverage they need for preventative maintenance check ups. Having a supportive team on your side also makes everything run smoothly and efficiently. What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do? I think it takes a versatile person who is able to adapt in different environments. Some days you’re on your own and need to work independently and are tediously working on deadlines. Other days, you have to collaborate as a team and brain storm ideas. There’s give and take and I think you need to be confident in yourself in a professional setting and also be open minded.
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