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  1. Thought it might make it easier to compile a list of different volunteering sites in Ontario and across Canada and save them all in one place. You might find these helpful if you are currently looking to volunteer within your community or even remotely: SPARK Ontario – You can filter volunteering opportunities by location and/or suitability (i.e. looking for opportunities for anyone, adults, youth, etc.) https://www.sparkontario.ca/ Gigit – You can choose whether you are looking for a volunteer gig, paid gig, events, services or rentals and where. https://gigitmarketplace.com/ Canadian Red Cross – You can find volunteering opportunities depending on the province that you live in and you also have the choice to select a role type and a category. https://www.redcross.ca/ YMCA Canada – Volunteering opportunities may vary depending on location, so their main site advises you to visit your local YMCA site to learn more (they make it easy for you too and actually link all of their branches!) https://ymca.ca/Get-Involved/Volunteer Volunteer Canada – This site works a little bit differently. Instead of letting you search for a particular position, it gives you a list of different local sites that you can visit for more information based on where you are located. For instance, if you are in Ontario and within the GTA, it links you to Volunteer Toronto so you can search for opportunities in that specific area. Or if you are more towards Ottawa, then they also include Volunteer Ottawa and a couple of other sites. Apart from that, Volunteer Canada also gives you the option to fill out a form so you can be matched with possible volunteering opportunities within your preferred location and based on your talents/skills, what cause you are looking to serve and what group of people. You can also choose the duration of the volunteering position and if you are volunteering on your own or with a group. All of this is found in the Pan-Canadian Volunteer Matching Platform tab. https://volunteer.ca/ Charity Village – You can find volunteering opportunities (or even paid positions) just by typing a keyword, job title or the organization’s name as well as selecting a specific location. https://charityvillage.com/ I would also suggest that if you do have something specific in mind you want to do (i.e. helping out with COVID related jobs, helping out newcomers get settled in, etc.) and said job is not showing up on any volunteering site or there is even a specific organization you want to contribute to, you can easily go to your local centres’ websites or reach out to them via email or phone and ask if they have any volunteering opportunities and how would you go about the process. They are always looking for volunteers! I will make sure to keep adding more sites as I come across them but please feel free to comment with any others that were not mentioned that you may know of! 🙂
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