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An Unexpected Turn

Tony Xu

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Hi Everyone!

So I started off going to McMaster University thinking of going into humanities/social science. However, due to unable to adapt to uni life, I was miserable for a whole year. I didn't know much about college since most of my friends chose to go to university and decide to peruse popular fields these days such as medicine, engineering and IT. I didn't really know what to do as I did extremely poorly in the first year and was sure that I did not want to stay for another year, so I decided to give college a try. I have to say that this was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life as college environment is easier to adapt to due to classroom sizes, number of people on campus and academic expectations. I wouldn't say that college is easier than university, I just feel that it has another focus. While university is very theory, college is very practical. My goal of this message is that don't be afraid to apply to college, don't think that college is any less than university in any way, if the majority of your peers are going to uni than reach out to other people that has experience with college and they can help you better.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to leave a post!

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Hello, your experience of college and university is interesting! Since I am planning on pursuing the career of a secondary school teacher, I am getting the appropriate academic averages required for the university programs I will apply for during grade 12. Also, since I am pursuing a career I am interested in, I do not think I will have any difficulties in studying at university, but I am aware that university is not the only level of post-secondary education available. I hope you successfully complete your college studies and find a career that suits your interests. 

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