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Due to the rise of MOOC ( massive open online courses), I just have a few thoughts on it especially for students. Many MOOC services such as coursera or edx offers courses that you can audit for free and pay (around 70$) to get a certificate. I recommend anyone to take these courses as they are taught by qualified university professors. These classes you can study at during your own pace, skip to certain topics you want to cover specifically and engage with others via the forum section of the courses. If you want to take a course for your own interests or just for fun, I recommend them as well as many of them are entry topics on languages, professional development and languages. Students should definitely use this to their advantage. 

In terms of how recognized these certificates, specializations and degrees are, there are mix opinions on that.

Please reach out and lets discuss MOOC together!


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For students: As of November 2020, Coursera is offering a free course to students that have a validated student account! If you have a school-based email account, definitely take advantage of this! It's one free course per year - These certifications are great learning opportunities from leaders in education, and can be a great starting point or addition to your career journey. 


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