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Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

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What is you profession/Industry?

I am and Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineer with the Canadian Coast Guard. 

What do you do?

Simply put, I work with boats and everything that floats. We 3D model ships of all sizes and capabilities. We can analyse how fast, how much power or how much strength a boat or floating offshore structure will need in every wind and wave condition there is! We can design and build. We develop standards for safety and we can predict what will happen if your structure is damaged or flooded. There is so much more!

What skills do you need?

This program is unique! Currently in Canada, the only place to do this specific discipline as an undergrad degree is at Memorial University of Newfoundland! More broadly speaking, all engineering degrees in Canada are 4-5years long. Most give a choice of co-op, meaning you get to work in the field, make money and gain experience while you are in school my program was a mandatory coop, so 5 years no choice.

Besides from the technical requirements to be an engineer you also have to be willing to constantly learn and develop, be able to work in a team and have patients to work through problems you've never seen before.

Professional Skills?

Again, working as a team is important in engineering. Many times the problem your solving or situation your improving is going to be bigger then a one man job. Communication is a big factor in engineering. Willingness to learn and take on challenges and tasks outside of your comfort zone.

What inspires you about your work?

My current position at the Canadian coast Guard inspires me everyday. Keeping Canadians safe and being such a huge part of keeping all the equipment doing that up and running is very inspirational. But engineering is about making something work, or work better. Engineers are consistently fixing problems, making existing technology or objects better, and improving and innovating on ideas. There is so much good to come out of engineers and their ideas and contributions and that inspires me! Knowing that a world without engineers could become quite obsolete and outdated pushes me everyday!

What kind of person do you think it takes to do what you do?

If you are interested in math, science or technology you would be a good engineer! If you have an interest in bridges, buildings, boats, airplanes, machines, computers, etc and how those things work, you would be a good engineer! If you like innovation you would be a good engineer! Strong technical skills, interest in learning and solving problems, good time and project management and no fear of the unknown, you will be a great engineer!

Note: I am creating a blog about my educational choices and how and why I chose engineering over other degrees and carrer paths! Check out the 'Blog' tab and my blog titled 'The Educated Engineer' to read more!

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Hello, the journey through ocean and naval agricultural engineering sounds interesting! I know that there are many areas of engineering in the world, but I never knew ocean and naval engineering was one of them. I am looking forward to learning more about your career choice and reasons that lead to your career choice. 

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