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Decision Making: What program/University/collage is right for you


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I wanted to start this chat because before I even left high school I had to make a decision that caused me a bit of stress and worry.

Basically, deciding if you want/should enter a program or faculty right away, if a general year is better, if you dont know if collage or university is where you belong I wanted to offer a couple pointers that helped me;

1. Talk to everyone around you. Parents, guidance councillors , academic advisors, friends and other students. It helps and although it can be overwhelming, by voicing your thoughts out loud you may come to some realization, but know the decision is ultimately yours in the end.

2. Think about what your good at and what you like! Its a good start and can ultimately help cross some items off you list. Where I come from, the collage provides a lot of hand on instruction and technical diplomas, I however, am and always will be more of an intellectual, theory based person so I choose university. Furthermore I enjoy science based courses and am awful at english/arts based courses..... I crossed off every english and arts degree there ever was!

3. You have the power to change your academic/career plans whenever you want! Don't be pressured to make the 'right' or 'final' decision on your career path right now. Chances are, and statistics show that your probably going to change career paths at least once and maybe more then once in your life. So know if you choose something you love to do right from the beginning thats a bonus and if you dont choose 'right' then at least now you know that wasn't for you and you can move on to other things!


Anybody have anything to add or comment to this!? :)

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This is great advice about how to start thinking about post-secondary education! I'd also like to add that it might be helpful to think of a general direction you'd like to go in rather than stressing about picking a career. As pointed out above, if you don't like English and writing then maybe you'd be interested in general science programs, engineering, or business. 
Each of these areas themselves are extremely diverse, plus nearly all programs have enough room for electives in order to explore other interests! Your program is only the first step in your future career, and there are many options to come, like specializing or combining in another subject!

More than anything, I would also like to encourage everyone who might be pressured to choose a specific direction to make that choice for yourself! Post-secondary is a big decision, and you know what is best for you, so research your options and trust your gut! You'll find that your program/institution offers many options to customize your degree and the future is full of possibilities!

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