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Bachelors in Technology

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Hello Everyone,

I completed my Bachelors in Technology (#Engineering) in 2016 from India. It was a 4-year program and my field of study was Electronics and Communication.

The ways of admission into this degree program varies from country to country and even across colleges/universities. You may not find an Electronics and Communication Engineering Program in North America by the same name since it's referred to as Electrical and Computer Engineering(ECE). The fields and content offered too may have certain variations. However, the basic remains the same. The program covers courses on semiconductors, diodes, photovoltaic cells, transistors, how an antenna works, how to process signals and so on. It also focuses on how the hardware of a computer/phone works and how communication happens, wired or wireless. There's also a segment on coding. So if you're interested in Physics and Mathematics and are fascinated by the working of electronics, this could be the right program. The following link can prove useful for more info: https://www.ece.utoronto.ca/prospective-students/curriculum-streams/comms/

Talking about other branches/fields of Engineering, Computer Science/IT focuses on coding and algorithms for softwares, there's no Physics involved, however, Mathematical ability is an asset. Another field, involving Physics and Mathematics is Mechanical Engineering. Other engineering sectors are Civil, Chemical, Biomedical, Electrical, Environmental and Material Science.

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