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The hospitality industry


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Hello Everyone,

I am currently studying Restaurant Management: Food and Beverage management at George Brown College in Toronto. This program combines the intricacies of the hospitality industry along with the fundamentals of a management course. Towards the end of this program, several graduates, move on to become bartenders/servers, bar-managers, sommeliers, cicerones and many such designations across the hospitality industry. The industry not only includes hotels and restaurants but also airlines, cruises, resorts, clubs, resident homes, wineries, breweries and all those places that require customer service along with F&B services. Some graduates even work towards marketing, sales, accounting and HR aspects of the industry.

In this write-up I would be focusing on bartending. It not only involves skills but also technical knowledge of the products and the various techniques that go into creating a drink. There are specific bartending courses/programs as well offered both online as well as in colleges/institutes. Similarly, along this path, people also opt for sommelier/cicerone courses. However, to become one of these, one has to complete certification programs such as WSET and Cicerone certifications. 

All the three paths stated above require a passion towards customer service and the eagerness to keep learning. These fields like most other keep evolving with time and it's important to stay up to date with what's happening in the industry. Also to be really succeed in this field, one should be able to commit a lot of facts to memory (a bit of history, geography, biology and chemistry) and also be good at the basics of mathematics(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). There are several professional bartenders who do not undergo a lot of initial in-school training and learn hands-on while in the industry. Anyhow, bartending is a skill that cannot be acquired in a day or a week, it has to be developed over time and requires work. 



Hope this piece would prove useful.

Best regards,





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