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1)      What is your profession/industry?

Environmental Compliance for Construction companies and/or environmental permitting and authorizations.

2)      What do you do?

I ensure construction companies are abiding with federal and provincial environment regulations so that the government will give them a permit to build whatever they want to build. Day to day that means liaising with federal, provincial, and municipal government employees, and first nations through email and phone, and writing ‘environmental impact reports’ which are a long summary of any potential impact that a construction project might on the environment where it is being built. For example if machinery is being operated near water then it might spill, which means that the company needs to have procedures in place to prevent that spill or deal with it right away so that the nearby water doesn’t become contaminated therefore polluting drinking water and killing fish and other aquatic wildlife.

3)      What skills/experience do you need?

You need an undergraduate degree in either engineering, biology, or environmental, or some sort of earth science (mine was actually geology but that is an anomaly).

Professional Skills:

Good written and oral communication skills. I work from home except for visiting sites once a month. You can expect to travel a lot, sometimes to remote places and stay on site at camps or at hotels.

4)      What inspires you?

My pay-check. And I get to travel to cool/natural/remote places with natural scenery. I also play a vital role in progressing construction projects while protecting the environment.


5)      What type of person is best suited to this career?

Anybody, or someone who likes to travel.

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