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1)      What is your profession/industry?

I’m in HR.

2)      What do you do?

I work for a high voltage electrical utilities contractor, where I focus on HR-related aspect of immigration law, legislation compliance, policy development and implementation, compensation and benefits analysis, records management.

3)      What skills/experience do you need?

I didn’t have any skills or experience in HR before joining this team. Most of the skills and experience I’ve gained is through direct training and learning through day-to-day work. I was given some guidance from my supervisor but most of the things I’ve learned is on the job learning and practice. I think obviously having HR specific foundation and experience will be highly useful but the skills I’ve gained and grown throughout my work is my ability to be flexible, continuously strive to learn and understand topics, always ask questions when you have any issues, take initiative to go above and beyond what is expected from you.

4)      What inspires you?

Inspiration is hard because I’m unsure if this is the profession I want to be in forever. So I can say I can answer this question with full honesty. What I do enjoy in my job is the atmosphere of the workplace and the people I work with. As far as my duties…. I enjoy the fact that I’m still learning about things, like if I don’t know about a specific topic I’ll just research it myself to get a better understanding. So there’s a something new everyday and it differs between provinces and states – which adds additional confusion and requires me to be on-point with your information and accuracy.

5)      What type of person is best suited to this career?

People person – you need to be able to connect with people especially when they’re not at their best.


Ability to handle conflict – although I’ve yet to handle conflict directly at work, I have resolved issues and have been an open person for people to vent which minimized the potential for future conflicts.


Great reader and writer – ability to read, interpret, and understand information in legislations, court cases, research articles, etc. Vice versa you have to be able to write policies, company wide communication, etc. in a way that is easily understandable to any and all people.


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Hello, the information you provided in terms of your profession is interesting! Since I love English, History, and the thought of teaching and assisting secondary students in those subjects, that is what inspired me in pursuing the career of a secondary school teacher. I hope your profession treats you well and continues to do so. 

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