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Educational Psychology - Dr. Christina De Simone, Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)

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Hi everyone, 

Recently, Dr. Simone reached out to us to offer a description of her career as an Educational Psychologist. Hope you all find this informative!

"Personally, I was always curious about learning and learners so it made sense to me that I would become an educational psychologist. Educational psychologists are interested in how people (children and adults) learn, the difficulties they might have learning, how the learning environment might hinder or foster learning and what can be done to modify the learning environment so that people can be successful in their learning.

Because I also wanted to work in a university environment where I could teach and do research 
I pursued my doctorate or Ph.D. in Educational Psychology which I received from Michigan State University. As a doctoral student in Educational Psychology, I took courses in statistics, research design, human development, cognition, and instruction. My minor was developmental psychopathology where I studied areas pertaining to mental illness. 

With respect to my degrees, after 11 years of elementary and high school, I obtained a B.A. in Social Psychology at McGill University which was a three-year program.  Then I pursued a two year M.A. with thesis in Educational Psychology (McGill University), and subsequently another four years for my doctoral degree or Ph.D. (Michigan State University). 

Although I decided to become a professor educational psychologists can also work as consultants outside the domain of academia."

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